Cooperative Labor in Africa

Tue, 7 Mar 1995 16:27:20 -0500

Dana Farnham asked about work on cooperative labor in Africa. You might
find some of our work on the Kofyar of Nigeria useful especially a
paper in American Anthropologist 92(1) in 1990 on Seasonality, Labor
Scheduling and Agricultural Intensification in the Nigeria Savanna.
The authors of that paper were Glenn Stone, Robert Netting and Priscilla
Stone. You might also look at our paper in the collected book, Population
Growth and Agricultural Change in Africa, University of Florida Press, 1993.
A recent paper in American Ethnologist 22(1), 1995, The Sexual Division of
Laobr in Kofyar Agriculture, discusses cooperative labor from the point
of view of women's access to these public forms of labor.

Hope this is helpful. Pr

Priscilla Stone
Social Science Research Council