Re: re Post modern economic anthropology/Robt Thornton

Doug Dalton (ddalton@LWCNET.LWC.EDU)
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 08:44:55 EST

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Robert Thornton's comments about post-modern economic anthropology have an
interesting resemblance to pieces of the "substantivist" side of the
substantivist / formalist debate I studied in economic anthropology as
an undergraduate. I say this not by way of criticism; I just find it
interesting how good ideas have a way of "coming back."

David W. Beer <>
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, University
of Illinois at Chicago

I would like to ditto David Beer's remarks--the discussion of
"post-modern economic anthropology" thus far has a remarkable
resemblance to the already well defined debates I learned about as an
undergraduate twenty years ago--and add that, unlike Professor Beer, I
don't think it reflects well on the vitality of the discussion of this
thread: "post-modern" would seem to indicate, at the very least,
that something is different.

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