Todd N Nims (nimstod@MAIL.AUBURN.EDU)
Mon, 6 Mar 1995 22:28:39 -0600

So......why are you supporting discrimination against vampires. I am
offended and appalled. I thought you supported all minorities, Robbie.
My parents are vampires and I am proud of my heritage. I demand an
apology! The hopes and dreams of vampires world-wide have been trampled
on for years and now even the staunch supporters of the downtrodden are
joining in.

Todd N. Nims
Auburn University, AL

On Fri, 3 Mar 1995, Robert Johnson forwarded:
> The masks of the puppets and capitalist vampires, the
> neoliberals and technocrats, have fallen, showing their true
> faces, and their hands are dripping blood. The multinational