Leichtman's replies, one step further

Mike Lieber (U28550@UICVM.BITNET)
Mon, 6 Mar 1995 17:23:15 CST

I want to respond to Leichtman's three commentaries--supurb, superb, superb.
Now I want to ask one more favor. Dr. Leichtman mentioned in his original
response to my post on HGDP the matter of possible unintended (possibly
uncontrollable?) consequences attendant on the use of gene therapy. This, of
course, is a crucial issue if gene replacement is to become common practice.
Can Dr. Leichtman tell us something about what kinds of discussions (if any)
are currently being carried on in the geneticist community? Are there clear
or emerging positions being taken? Are geneticists designing research to
test for systemic consequences of introducing new genes into patients (human
or non-human)? Is there pressure from within the profession to conduct such
research or is there pressure from the granting agencies to attend to this
matter? Or is discussion a matter of alarm bells going off outside the
discipline? Can you fill us in?
Mike Lieber