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Subject: Mexico Conference at Tulane U.
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Subject: Mexico Conference

Conference on the Current Political Situation
in Mexico, the week of March 6th.

The Second Mexican Revolution?
Voices from the Grassroots

The Tulane and New Orleans community will have the opportunity
to hear two grassroots activists from Mexico gove an analysis of the current
political situation in Mexico from the perspective of labor unions, campesino
organizations, student groups and other forces that have been working for
fundamental poltical and economic change in Mexico. They will be giving
presentationson the following days:

Tuesday, March 7 at 8:00 PM
Presidents Room, University Center, Tulane Univ.

Wed., March 8 at 3-5 PM
Presidents Room, University Center, Tulane Univ.

Thursday, March 9 at 7:30 PM
Chastant room, University Center, Tulane University

The two speakers are Lilia Vazquez, who is a leader in the democratic current
of the teachers union. She is the president of local 9 of the teachers union
in Mexico City. The other speaker is Francisco Cruz, a student leader at the
National University in Mexico City (UNAM).

For more information call (504) 891-0691.