Re: ev. of intelligence tools etc

Ralph L Holloway (rlh2@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 14:01:12 -0500

By Golly, I like that bit about the cocktail parties, but I guess I come
down on the other side...noticing them (Neandertals) on the subways but
not at least not anthropoloy ones, like at "the meetings".
Everything seems in place. MP tools static, i.e., of long duration, the
UP doing its wonderful homologue to modern times and almost frenetic
change (with its concomitant degradation of the environment), a 'new'
hominid form (possibly a minor "racial" difference...). Lacking is some
real neurological datum to which we can point. I wish I knew what it was.
Please don't tell me about frontal lobes, orbital cortex, the parietal
lobes being smaller in Neandertals, lunate sulci, or any of that stuff,
because the empirical evidence just doesn't support it.This isn't a
critique, incidentally, of Rob's thoughts, just my frustration.
Ralph Holloway.