Re: ethnobotany resources

Thu, 2 Mar 1995 17:24:23 -0700

Here are some more sources to check out for ethnobotany. They were sent
to me from Susan Carty. I don't think she's not on anthro-l, so wanted
me to pass along this info.

> A friend on the anthronet passed along Marsha Quinlans request and your
> reply. Please pass along to her the names of
> Harshberger 1895 (coined the term ethnobotany)
> Gilmore 1919 (work on plant modification by Am indians)
> Richard Ford
> Volney Jones
> I took a course in ethnobotany with Vaughn Bryant at Texas A&M. The
> Journal of Economic Botany deals primarily with ethnobotanical subjects and
> their conferences have a lot of ethnomedicine.
> An important contributor to ethnomedicine is Michael Balick of the NY
> Botanical Gardens.
> Good luck, its a facinating area
> Susan Carty, Chair
> Department of Biology
> Heidelberg College
> Tiffin, OH 44883
> (419) 448 2044
> email:

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