fwd: development-induced displacement

Norman Buchignani (buchignani@HG.ULETH.CA)
Wed, 1 Mar 1995 10:30:43 MST

Following the January conference, `Development-Induced Displacement and
(Preventing) Impoverishment', the Refugee Studies Programme, Queen Elizabeth
House, University of Oxford, is planning to produce an `accessible' book on the
rehabilitation of resettled communities. The primary target group of this book
will be those people engaged directly in settlement administration. We would
like to hear from anyone who is administering such programmes, or is/has acted
as a consultant. It is necessary to draw-up a bibliography and we would like to
know of material relating to this topic. We forsee a need to bring together
bodies of knowledge and literature dealing with the the issue of resettlement
from different angles - refugee studies, for example, would be one. Any
suggestions about how the book should/could be structured, and the important
themes that should be addressed, would be gratefully received. Please e-mail,
write, or fax Chris McDowell at the RSP.
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