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Hi - I noticed your posting on the MuseumL this morning
regarding WEDA, and wondered if you could help me out by
posting information on two summer immersion courses
that we'll be offering. Alternatively, perhaps you could
give me list addresses that I could submit them to directly.

I will also send this information on to the AIA List which
you mentioned in your posting.

Thanks for your help!

The Cultural Resource Management Program at the
University of Victoria on southern Vancouver Island
is offering two intensive immerison courses this summer that will
be of interest to people involved in cultural preservation
and development in First Nations communities. These
courses can be taken on a credit or non-credit basis,
and they are scheduled from 9 - 4:30. Enrollment is limited
to sixteen participants.

Accommodation is available on campus.

Cultural and heritage resources help to define communities
and make them special. They also provide a means to attract
tourists and to spur economic development. This course
explores both the benefits that carefully planned cultural
tourism initiatives can hold for communities, and the drawbacks
that can accompany tourism development. Topics include:
o the concept of modern tourism and its links to
culture, landscape and places
o international and local trends, issues and policy directions
o interpreting cultural landscapes
o building community support
o marketing approaches and 'product' development
o planning, management and evaluation strategies
o First Nations issues in development, marketing and
o ethical issues relating to sustainability and authenticity
Lectures, guest speakers, field trips, case studies and
group projects will be featured.

Dates: May 3 - 12
Instructor: Brian White is the Coordinator of the Tourism Program
at Capilano College in Vancouver, British Columbia
Fee: $582.20 (Canadian Funds)

Approaches to the preservation and management of
archaeological resources are evolving in response to
significant changes in public values and attitudes.
This course examines resource management concepts as
they apply to archaeological sites, collections from sites
and methods of field enquiry, with an emphasis on North
American approaches. Course topics include:
o the nature of archaeological resources
o the history of archaeological resource management
o legislation which governs archaeological resources and
controls exploitation and preservation
o the impacts of changing public values and attitudes
o legal, ethical, preservation, access, ownership and
repatriation issues
o changing approaches to the preservation and management
of First Nations' heritage resources, including sacred sites,
archaeological resources, burial places and ethnological objects
o control of archaelogical field investigations on aboriginal sites
o inventory, mapping and information management issues, using
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
This course will draw on the expertise of a variety of resource
people, and will feature field visits, GIS Lab sessions, and
special projects.

Dates: June 5 - 10
Instructor: Bjorn Simonsen consults on the management
of archaeological and heritage resources and is Executive
Secretary of the Canadian Archaeological Association.
He is the former Provincial Archaeologist for British Columbia.
Resource Person: Professor Peter Keller is a GIS specialist with
the UVic Department of Geography
Fee: $582.20 (Canadian Funds)

Further information and registration materials can be
obtained from the
Cultural Resource Management Program,
Division of Continuing Studies,
University of Victoria, PO Box 3030, Victoria, BC V8W 3N6
Phone (604) 721 8462
Fax (604) 721 8774.

Information on on-campus accommodation is
available from Housing Services, (604) 721 8395.

Joy Davis, Program Director
Cultural Resource Management Program
University of Victoria
Phone 604-721-8462
FAX 604-721-8774