Re: Cookie Revenge!! (fwd)

Thu, 31 Mar 1994 10:32:34 EST

John Langdon asked: Has anyone made these cookies?

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I've made them...and never again, like the mummy's curse,
the project was comically doomed from the "git-go" (as my
neighbour consoled).

Two Christmases ago, the first Christmas my only child would
not be at home. She and her fiance were off to northern
Ontario to visit his family. I was beset, I guess, by a wash
of motherhood-deferred,overcompensatory guilt... That's the
best reason I have for why I decided to make cookies that
Christmas eve because I do
not bake cookies normally or extraordinarily either. There
are bakeries in the neighbourhood. They bake cookies, not
me. But there I was, all the ingredients lined up on the
counter, cookies forthcoming. Or so I thought.
You'll note the recipe says "may be halved..."? I didn't
note that. Would that I had.

Because once the butter is creamed there's no going back.

There wasn't a bowl big enough in the house in which to mix
that batch of cookies. I used every bowl...and my soup pot.
I gave some thought to the bathtub, but then I remembered
where I'd put the soup pot.

Ingredients. Many and dear. I thought I had everything of the
right sort. I hadn't. It wasn't just that I had multiple
brands of chocolate chips, but I didn't even have all chocolate,
and I didn't know that. One was mislabeled. it was mint.
Very minty. Nice flavour, But not what one would
expect in a chocolate chip cookie.

The oven? Ah yes, the oven. It caught fire. Big fire.
I threw in a box of baking soda. That worked.
Always kept an open box at the ready, and I was
sure glad I had. But that added oven cleaning to the
cookie-baking project. There are better ways to spend

As for the cookies? Well, I don't actually know how they
taste. I didn't ask. I took the lot of them round to homes
with teenage children. I do know no one has asked me to
donate cookies for any community activity of late. But not
to worry. I live in a neighbourhood with a very nice bakery.


Micki Korp