Re: Request for software for ethnology

Brad M Biglow (bmb@PINE.CSE.NAU.EDU)
Tue, 29 Mar 1994 10:10:18 -0700

We use "Ethnograph" and "Tally" here at NAU, reserving "Anthropac" for
analysis of Free listings, pile sorts, etc. There are advantages and
disadvantages to both Tally and Ethnograph. Neither are "shareware"
therefore non-FTPable. "Tally" is available for purchase and inquiries
via the following address:

Duke University Press
6697 College Station
Durham, NC 27708

As for "Ethnograph," I _thought_ I had a manual around here someplace,
but can't seem to find it now. The copywrite is held by a John V. Seidel,
if that is any help. Latest version I have seen is ver. 3.0 which is on
the computers in the Anthro. lab on campus. If I can find a manual in the
lab, I'll get the info. address to you ASAP, ok?


Brad M. Biglow
Dept. of Anthropology
Northern Arizona University