VisCom Listserve Available

Mon, 28 Mar 1994 20:21:40 EST

VISCOM Listserve Has Arrived

Graduate Association of Visual Anthropologists at Temple
University has created a new Internet listserve, VISCOM.
VISCOM is a place where anyone interested in visual
communication can exchange email postings about any of the
following subjects: ethnographic film/video and photography,
the relationship between culture and pictorial/visual
communication, non-verbal communication, the anthropology of
dance, body movement, space, the built environment, teaching
with film, the relationship between pictorial and aural
communication, anthropology/sociology/cultural studies and
television, and multimedia. VISCOM will welcome
announcements of seminars, conferences, festivals, calls for
films, videos, and photographs, new films, videos, books,
and programs, and job opportunities.
In the near future, VISCOM will have an archive in
which people can store and retrieve course descriptions,
syllabii, drafts of papers offered for discussion,
filmographies, and bibliographies. VISCOM, managed by
Lindsey Powell and Kerim Freedman. Jay Ruby is the faculty
supervisor .
To subscribe to VISCOM simply send a one line email
message to LISTSERV@VM.TEMPLE.EDU. The message should
read: SUBSCRIBE VISCOM Your First Name Your Last Name. You
will receive a message acknowledging you as a subscriber
with instructions about how to participate.
Any questions about VISCOM should be addressed to
Powell at powell@vm., Freedman at or Ruby