Re: Tongue-speaking

Jeff Titon (Jeff_Titon@BROWN.EDU)
Fri, 25 Mar 1994 11:50:59 GMT

Lucy Coleman:
> I have come from an evangelical background, and I've always
> had a massive query regarding glossolalia which I have never
> been able to clear up. It regards brain scans during speaking
> in tongues, and I'm really interested in whether this has been
> done and if so what the results were, where 'tongues' originates
> in the brain. I know that this doesn't prove anything, but as
> I have studied some psychology it has been something which has
> intrigued me.
> Does anyone know of any studies or books which cover this issue?

Yes. Thomas Burton, Dept. of English, E. Tennessee State Univ.,
Blountville, TN has written articles and done a video on his experiments
with EEGs on snake handlers and these may be of interest to you. I don't
have the citations at hand but I'm sure if you write to Professor Burton
he'd be happy to give them to you.

--Jeff Titon
Providence, RI