Intra Jewish relations in Israel.

David Heller (daveh@PANIX.COM)
Thu, 24 Mar 1994 01:33:57 -0500

I was wondering if people could help me on my way on a paper I am writing
on race and difference, and prejudice in Israel between the various Jewish
ethnicities (Edot), in Israel.

I'm interested in some of the racial overtones when defining difference in

The major example that I want to explore is Ashkenazi/Yishuv vs. everyone
else, especially Mizrachim and Etiopi'im. But in light of recent events
there may be something into looking at the status of Americans.

As an added favor...I was wondering if people knew of an email address for
Dr. Eyal Ben-Ari at the Hebrew University, Har haTsofim, dept. of
Sociology and Social Anthropology.

Please email me personally.

David Heller
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