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Randy Skelton (an_rrs@SELWAY.UMT.EDU)
Wed, 23 Mar 1994 08:32:52 -0700

On Wed, 23 Mar 1994, Dawn Cooley wrote:

> Does anyone out there know anything about the graduate program at Montana
> State? Any information would be helpful, as I have not heard much about
> it....
> Thanks!
> Dawn Cooley
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Montana State doesn't have a graduate program in anthropology. They many
have something in sociology. On the other hand, University of Montana
has a thriving M.A. program.

Email our secretary, Linda McLean ( and she can send
you a graduate catalog (maybe a small fee involved due to recent funding cuts
by the legislature).

I guess I'm the person to talk to about specific questions.

Good Luck!

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