Re: HELP: Museum list?

Chuck Hagner ((no email))
Wed, 23 Mar 1994 09:18:00 -0500

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Ross Chadwick wrote on 3/23/94:

> Does anyone know the address, or even the existence, of a bulletin board
> relating to museums? I have only recently subscribed to ANTHRO-L and have
> not had the benefit of receiving any posts that may relate to the subject. I
> look forward to some positive responses.

According to "Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation, Historic
Preservation and Archaeology," version 1.1, by Peter H. Stott
(, MUSEUM-L is a general-interest list for museum
professionals and others interested in museum-related issues. To subscribe, send
the following message to SUBSCRIBE MUSEUM-L <YOUR
NAME>. Hope this helps.

Chuck Hagner
Time-Life Books
Alexandria, Virginia

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