See you at the Pahty, Richter...

Fri, 18 Mar 1994 14:23:57 -0500

For those who asked: I posted about the Surprise Party a week ago;
obviously some folks were 'nomailing' at that point and didn't get it. I'm
not going to repost the call for submissions; a new conference announcement
should be forthcoming. (When I get it from Alan, you'll see it here.)
It's a physical conference happening at U of F, yes. But the more
interesting part is its 'virtual' component on WWW:
For all those caring to find out more about the Surprise Party,
please visit our World Wide Web site -
Sorry, we have not set up an Interactive MOO and there is no IRC
channel. But we will be 'opening' our Re:WIRED LISTSERV soon.
Everything you want to know about the Surprise Party is on there.
There should also be some articles and stuff by me: including "Philip K.
Dick, Cyberpunk." You'll like that one, I think.

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