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Rita S. Kipp (kipp@KENYON.EDU)
Thu, 17 Mar 1994 09:08:58 EST

edition) lists almost 900 academic scholars, business people,
graduate students, and people working for governments or for
NGOs. There are 636 full entries compiled from questionnaires.
Many of these include residential and professional phones and
addresses, fax numbers and e-mail addresses. They also indicate
the disciplines, professional experiences, and as many as five
publications to convey the nature of each person's expertise.

In addition, the directory lists 259 abbreviated entries,
providing in most cases merely a single address and publication.
All entries are indexed, so that the reader may isolate scholars
by country of residence, discipline, and regional expertise
within Indonesia.

The directory is a project of the Indonesian Studies
Committee of the Association for Asian Studies, and as such it
contains more entries from the United States than from any other
single country. The indexes reveal that scholars from Australia,
Indonesia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Japan are also
particularly numerous, however. While it is far from a
comprehensive listing, this directory is the only reference
source on Indonesianists that aims for a global representation.

The directory is available as a paper bound volume of about
250 pages. It may also be purchased as an electronic document
that can be imported into any word processing program. This will
enable you to search the directory for particular kinds of
expertise such as experience in NGOs or for publications on
specific topics. Using postal or area codes, you could also
determine a pool of people who live your area for planning local
symposia or conferences. The pricing schedule encourages you to
buy both the book and the electronic version together.

The International Directory of Indonesianists is a rich
resource for scholars of Indonesia, as well as for book
publishers, journal editors, and those in business and
government. Anyone who needs to know who does what in Indonesian
studies, and where to find them, will want this reference tool.

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