Clipper Chip Controversy

Bruce Jones (bjones@WEBER.UCSD.EDU)
Tue, 15 Mar 1994 16:17:50 -0800

> Below is a petition to cancel the clipper chip. As I understand it the
>Clipper chip is intended be incorporated in all computers, phones and local
>phone switches that have encription capabilities.

Before anyone goes off half-cocked on this issue, it would behove
everyone with an interest in computers and networking to take a
careful look at the issue. Mind you, I think that the Clipper Chip
is potentially one of the most dangerous moves the Fed has made
toward reducing privacy in the United States.

There are several archives of materials available:

Using ftp, you can check the archives at -- look for
the directories for eff and for cpsr (Computer Professionals for
Social Responsibility) -- or the list (ftp to There are also gopher links to these archives.

This is a serious political issue, one that is getting some
sensationalist press and one that demands some time and effort to
completely understand the stakes.

If you do not have access to ftp or to gopher and would like a
selection of materials, I would be happy to forward some interesting
discussions through the mail.

Interested parties can also read comp.risks, or subscribe to the
privacy mailing list,

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