Full Prof in Anth/Arch, Australia

Dr John B Campbell (John.Campbell@JCU.EDU.AU)
Mon, 14 Mar 1994 15:07:04 +1000

(This circular is meant to provide additional information to that in the
one sent round by Paul Reser the other day.)

Professor and Head of the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, James
Cook University of North Queensland, Townsville, Australia.

Located in the School of Behavioural Sciences, the Department of
Anthropology and Archaeology has 12 academic staff (or "faculty", 10 in
Townsville and 2 at the Cairns Campus) and offers undergraduate programs
(BA and BSc) in Archaeology and an undergraduate program (BA) in Social
Anthropology. 4th-year honours courses (with theses) are offered in both
disciplines. Research programs leading to the degrees of MA, MSc and PhD
are already established. 12 PhD projects are currently being supervised (9
in Archaeology, 3 in Social Anthropology).

Applicants must have appropriate qualifications in Anthropology and/or
Archaeology, including an outstanding record of scholarly and professional
achievement, evidence of significant supervision of postgraduate students
and demonstrated management skills. International recognition for work in
Australia, the South-west Pacific or South-east Asia is desirable.

The appointee will be expected to contribute to one or more of the above
teaching and research programs, to provide academic and research leadership
to the Department, to work collaboratively with other Departments in the
School and University, and to enhance the Department's international
consultative activities.

Formal enquiries may be made to Professor J. M. Innes, Head, Department of
Anthropology and Archaeology and Head, School of Behavioural Sciences, on
(61 77) 81 4182.

Tenure: The position is available on a permanent basis.

Salary: Australian Academic Level E - A$77,900 per 12-month year, plus
removal and locality allowances.

Applications stating qualifications, experience and telephone contact
number and the names, addresses and fax numbers (if any) of three referees
should be forwarded to the Recruitment Officer, Personnel Services
Division, James Cook University, Townsville, Qld 4811, Australia. Telephone
(61 77) 81 4880 or fax (61 77) 81 5644. Applications close on 18 March 1994
(a fax of intention to apply would be enough by the 18th, provided that a
full application with CV was sent by air-assisted snail-mail not long
afterwards). Quote JC94001.

Equal opportunity in employment is University policy. The University has a
"smoke-free working environment" policy.

Informal e-mail enquiries about this position or the Department can come to
me at "John.Campbell@jcu.edu.au". In Australia Archaeology and Social
Anthropology are normally considered to be separate disciplines (Biological
Anthropology and Linguistics are also separate). However, they are often
taught together or in the same department, and joint research and applied
work is not uncommon. This Professorship is the Foundation Chair for our
Department. Once it has been filled by an Archaeologist or a Social
Anthropologist, then a 2nd Professorship will be created and filled for the
unsuccessful discipline. It is expected that the Headship of the Department
would rotate between the two Professors. At this University Heads of
Departments are normally the senior-most academics.

This new position has been advertised in The Australian (Sydney,
Australia's international newspaper), The Times HES (London, arguably the
UK's international newspaper for higher education) and the international
science journal Nature (e.g. the issue of 27 January 1994). Although the
closing date is 18 March 1994, for a Foundation Professorship like this
late applications will be acceptable. The Department has established
interests in Anthropology and Archaeology in Australia, Melanesia and
South-east Asia. It has widening interests in other parts of the Pacific
and Eurasia, and it has developing interests in Maritime and Marine

(Dr) John Campbell
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology and Archaeology
James Cook University
Townsville, Qld 4811
Tel: (61 77) 81 4231
Fax: (61 77) 79 5435
Email: John.Campbell@jcu.edu.au