Experts needed for asylum case

Robert Scales (bscales@U.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Sun, 13 Mar 1994 01:55:34 -0800

I am representing two people (one Salvadoran the other Guatemalan) in
immigration proceedings in Seattle, Washington.

I am looking for experts who will be able to testify about the current
conditions in Guatemala or El Salvador.

For Guatemala I need someone who knows about the current situation
between the guerrillas and the government and the current state of human
rights violations there.

For El Salvador, I need someone who can testify as to the current
situation in terms of the economy, education and health care.

I would prefer having someone in the Seattle area who could come in and
testify personally. However, it is possible to submit declarations from
experts so long as they are available to testify by telephone.

The most important criteria for the experts is that their information be
as current as possible.

Also if anyone has any ideas on resource materials for up to date
information on these countries, I would be eternally grateful.

Bob Scales
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
909 8th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104