visual anthropology -migration film

Robert Scales (bscales@U.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Fri, 11 Mar 1994 18:26:59 -0800

Are there any visual anthropologists out there (preferably in the
Seattle, Puget sound, Washington State area) interested in cooperating
on a film to explore the difficulties experienced by
migrants from south of the U.S.-Mexican border when attempting to settle
in this area? Also, difficulties (such as separation from families, livelihood
etc.) experienced by long standing migrant residents who, because they
are not citizens, risk repatriation if they come into
conflict with "The Law"? In short, I'd like to explore the legal and illegal
side of immigration to the U.S.A., making a visual contrast
between the U.S.-Mexican and the U.S.-Canadian borders.

If anybody knows of others working on this topic I'd appreciate the
contacts, as well as suggestions as to what issues such a film might
cover.. Also I'd
like to know what other visual anthropologists out there are working on.
thanks in advance.

debbie jenkins/bob scales