Re: Zarathrustra & Zoroastriniasm

Bob Ezergailis (bobezer@ARCHAEOS.MCMI.COM)
Thu, 10 Mar 1994 02:22:19 -0500

C.D. Cracknell <> writes,

> Actually, maybe somebody here would be able to fill me in on
> the subject of the prophet Zarathrustra. From what I understand,
> it was previously thought that this fellow lived around the 6th
> century BC, but now opinion is swinging towards 16th century BC.
> I was wondering what archaeological evidence is there in support
> of the older date?

I would be very skeptical of the 16th c B.C. dating for Z. However,
I have always been skeptical of the 6 c B.C. sudden upsurgence of
new traditions on a worldwide basis. Plato, Zoroaster, Buddha, etc.
That is, unless there is an inadequate knowledge of cultural cross-
fertilization that accounts for the spread of new ideas.