Cliff Sloane (cesloane@MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU)
Sun, 6 Mar 1994 12:39:36 -0600

One video that I use is called "Between Two Worlds: The Hmong Shaman in
America." It was scripted by Dwight Conquergood, Dept of Performance
Studies, Northwestern University, and produced by Taggart Siegel. Although
it isn't very good as anthropology, nor is it primarily about therapeutic
shamanism, it does give a well-rounded snapshot of the practice. There is
also an accompanying book called "I Am A Shaman", a dictated biography by
one of the specialists featured. I haven't used the book since my classes
are at such an intro level. Instead, we use it as a discussion platform to
consider medical categories as cultural propositions, and animal
sacrifices as a valid form of religious practice.

Cliff Sloane