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Gregory A. Finnegan (Gregory.A.Finnegan@DARTMOUTH.EDU)
Sat, 5 Mar 1994 17:06:31 EST

--- Brusco & Klein wrote:
The issue of intellectual property rights has come up in discussions
here recently. The issue of ethnobotanical knowledge in the Amazon and
the exploitation of that by international commercial ventures was of special
interest. Can anyone direct us to recent sources or information on the
Elizabeth Brusco (Brusco_e@plu.bitnet) and Laura Klein (Klein_l@plu.bitnet)
--- end of quoted material ---
"recent" is a relative term, but a good starting point is a special issue of
CULTURAL SURVIVAL QUARTERLY on "Intellectual Property Rights: The Politics
of Ownership." It's the Summer 1991 issue, vol. 15 no. 3. There are several
Amazonia-related articles: at least one on ethnobotanical material and and a
fascinating one by ethnomusicologist Anthony Seeger on unauthorized broadcast
of Native music on Brazilian radio/TV.

I've pasted below several citations from SOCIAL SCIENCE INDEX, retrieved by
searching keywords "intellectual property."
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