open discussion

Fri, 4 Mar 1994 18:06:06 EST

Oh yes, as a post-script . . . for those who still argue that we do not
have a pervasive problem . . . open publication of the names of institutions
and individuals who demand insane hires should be available . . . then we
can judge for ourselves just what is going on. For example . . . if your
dean insists a particular ethnic category be hired . . . publish the Dean's
name, the name of the department, the institution and the reason. I may
be justifiable . . . it may not . . . but if there is nothing wrong with
the practice, then who would worry about it becoming common knowledge?

The final point that I have to make on this is that we need to get away
from the secrecy that plagues us. When candidates interview or apply, and
are not selected . . . they are entitled to be told why HONESTLY! not with
some pablum about `somebody else best fits our needs.' Let's have the guts
to say we didn't like your accent, we don't understand your work, your too
old, your too whatever, or somebody stabbed you in the back with a reference.

Idealism . . . perhaps . . . sanity, yes!

John O'Brien