Stephanie Wilson's request for a list of required readings.

Fri, 4 Mar 1994 17:29:02 EST

You hit the nail on the head. Secondary education is failing, and
we have to act like tutors and babysitters for the unprepared.
I recommend required readings as follows:

Gregory Bateson - 1980 - Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity. New York. Bantam.
This book should give sufficient headaches to the budding college student,
since it flat out right tells them that there are concepts that must be dealt
with, and what they are: basic methods of thought.

Randall Collins - (?) - Introduction to Sociological Theory. (?) (?)

This is an overview into the basic theoretical paradigms and underlying
philosophies behind them that anthropology and sociology deal with. After
reading this one, at least a student will know that there is something that
is actually being talked about . . . and not just `facts' to memorize.

Moreover, no course in Anthropology should ever be allowed to be
taken until a student has had at least one introductory course in sociology
and passed with a `B' or better.

Otherwise, they are just not able to digest the important information.

John O'Brien
Indiana University