open discussion

Thu, 3 Mar 1994 20:20:12 EST

Dwight Read just made an excellent point about how one defines `most
qualified' and how that can be twisted during the hiring process to make
it mean anything the committee or department involved wants it to mean.

As a suggestion . . . how about disciplinary wide standards, enforced by
supervision from the AAA, on truth in advertising, open advertising and
extended application time . . . as well as revised standards for
academic hiring.

J. O'Brien

PS . . . the easiest steps could be initiated by departmental chairs
nationally in 20 seconds . . .
1. refusal to place a recruitment ad or send a recruitment flyer
until `hard' money is available for the FTE. (Too many of us send out
recruiting posters based on flippant `maybe so' commitments from Deans
and other powers that be . . . just to get a pool of applicants).
2. extending the search period by removing all cut off times from
applications . . . and orating like a business . . . in that the job
stays open to all comers until someone is hired.
3. refusing to recruit unless a commitment is obtained from the
administration to pay all (and I mean all) interview expenses for
every candidate selected for interview.