Re: dont try my generosity dan (*not* the subject but... (*)

Jessica Maloney (23jess@UCLINK.BERKELEY.EDU)
Wed, 2 Mar 1994 18:42:12 -0800

I think what's she's trying to say is: our proximity to San Diego and
Modesto allow for a better quality of amphetamines.

>Ok, now I've read what you have said and you are long winded about it and
>rather lost me. So, what ws the point? What did you really say? Can you
>spew it out in 15 words or less? Maybe because Us Californians are
>always in a hurry, that we don't have the time that you do for a long
>repetoir of didactive conversations. I'm not sure that you have me in
>the correct light nor maybe you read what I said. I forgot what I said,
>anyway. That was a few days ago. Another time. So, what did you say?
>Why do you dislike Californians so much? I don't live the high and fancy
>lifestyle so attributed to the rest of the folks. We're not all rich and
>idle over here. We're just living the fast life. Every moment is
>precious and time's agoing and so am I. Thanks for whatever that was.
>It's good to dialog. So, what was it about Anthro that you were saying?