John Glasscock, Open discussion

Wed, 2 Mar 1994 17:16:43 EST

Glasscock's comments on what needs to be done are right on the mark. I
couldn't agree with you more John, and you said it perhaps better than
I could have.

Agreement, I made the post originally in the hope that there would be
strong disagreement. That doesn't mean that the issues raised are not
serious - or that specific examples of serious problems cannot be
made. For example, one University (not named) just experienced pressure
to eliminate the core of a liberal arts curriculum, by eliminating what
appears to be half a dozen central departments . . . and one faculty
member (also incognito unless he elects to identify himself publicly)
just had to deal with a major complaint by a student who felt it was
inappropriate for a male professor to discuss female circumcision at

Honestly, I am glad you don't agree with much of my major thrust . . . it
implies that the problems being discussed are not universal nor pervasive
as of yet. But, they are there!

Indiana University