Re: dont try my generosity dan (*not* the subject but... (*)

Eva M Armstrong (evarmst@EIS.CALSTATE.EDU)
Tue, 1 Mar 1994 09:58:12 -0800

Ok, now I've read what you have said and you are long winded about it and
rather lost me. So, what ws the point? What did you really say? Can you
spew it out in 15 words or less? Maybe because Us Californians are
always in a hurry, that we don't have the time that you do for a long
repetoir of didactive conversations. I'm not sure that you have me in
the correct light nor maybe you read what I said. I forgot what I said,
anyway. That was a few days ago. Another time. So, what did you say?
Why do you dislike Californians so much? I don't live the high and fancy
lifestyle so attributed to the rest of the folks. We're not all rich and
idle over here. We're just living the fast life. Every moment is
precious and time's agoing and so am I. Thanks for whatever that was.
It's good to dialog. So, what was it about Anthro that you were saying?