Daniel A. Hickerson (dah@SHERLOCK.DAC.UGA.EDU)
Mon, 28 Feb 1994 03:51:14 -0600

In message Mon, 28 Feb 1994 00:59:40 EST,
John O'Brien <JOBRIEN@UCS.INDIANA.EDU> writes:
> What is wrong with the academic professions . . . particularly the social
> sciences . . . particularly anthropology and sociology.
> I encourage anyone to add to the following list.
> 1). A value on political correctness above qualifications, validity or
> competence.
> 2). Acquiesence to illiteracy among their students.
> 3). Personal self interest and ego above collective well being
> 4). Over specialization and a lack of real knowledge in their
> disciplinary subject knowledge
> 5) (an addendum to (4) . . . lack of general knowledge of the
> philosophical underpinnings behind their discipline and a lack
> of sufficient general knowledge to intellectually cross disciplinary
> boundaries)
> 6) Irrelevant research foci
> 7) Political orientations
> 8) A tendency to specialize and proliferate beyond the boundaries of
> functional sanity
> 9) A belief that our discipline discusses something that is real
> 10) Boredom
> 11) Fear
> 12) (an extension of (2) . . . acquiesence to illiteracy among ourselves)
> 13) Apathy

Geez, and I thought morale was low in my department.

What the Hell's your point, John? Did you take an extra serving of angst
and bitterness and feel you had to share it with the rest of us? Sure,
instances of each of these (most of them at least) can be found among
certain individuals in academia, but I don't see evidence of them being
pervasive, and they sure the heck aren't specific to anthropology. Come on,
if you want people to play your little game, you might as well at least tell
us what, specifically, your gripe is.

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