HELP - Amazonia and comercial/popular film

Jackson M Roper (jmrst38+@PITT.EDU)
Tue, 1 Mar 1994 10:37:53 -0500

A while back I sent out a request concerning film on Amazon Amerindians.
I got back a number of very helpful responses, particularly concerning
places where I can contact and film libraries for ethnographic film.
Thanks to all those who provided information.

Now I need to restrict my search to non-ethnographic films. I am
interested in commercial films that depict amazon Amerindians (or perhaps
just take place in the Amazon, or depict nearby groups - but not Andean),
whether realistically or not, and whether a focus of the story or only a
small part of the background. I am interested in films from ANY time
period, ANY genre (action, drama, horror, etc.), and ANY country (ie. not just
American). The following is the list of films that I am aware of so far:

At play in the Fields of the Lord
The Emerald Forest
Fitzcarraldo (and the Making of Fitzcarraldo)
How Tasty was my Little Frenchman
Burden of Dreams
Medicine Man
The Mission
Mosquito Coast.

Please do not hesitate to respond if you think that your movie might not
realistically depict Amerindians, or if the movie was a real flop -
totally studid, whatever. I want to produce a Comprehensive list

- Thanks in advance, Jackson M. Roper