pocahontas in _Life_

Candice Bradley (Candice.Bradley@LAWRENCE.EDU)
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 20:02:49 -0600

FYI, there is a decent historical article about Pocahontas in the July 1995
issue of _Life_ magazine (pages 64-69). The first page of the article features
the Disney sanitized version of Pocahontas holding a mirror reflecting the
image of Pocahontas from a 1616 engraving of the woman at the age of 18,
the "only" image done during her lifetime, and therefore probably the closest
image of the real person available. The article also features several other
pictures, tracing the transformation of representations of Pocahontas over 400
years. The article also has some interesting text which seems well researched
(I am an Africanist and not an expert on this subject), discussing what seems
to be known about Pocahontas (very little indeed) and comparing it to the
mythology. The article, written by George Howe Colt and a team of researchers,
does not come down on the side of the Disney version. Indeed, it is rather
critical, perhaps reflected most of all in the way the visuals are presented.

I am also aware of more scholarly resources, gleaned from another list, but
this one seems to cover enough ground to save the time and energy most of us
are reluctant to spend looking for the "truth."