Disney debate & book recommendation

Tue, 27 Jun 1995 13:53:15 -0400

Two Birds with One Stone
For those of you following the thread on Pocahantas and Disney (as
well as those desiring a list of best books read recently), let me recommend
a recent book published by my colleague at Florida International University,
Steve Fjellman on the Disney phenomenon:
Fjellman, Stephen M. VINYL LEAVES: Walt Disney World and America.
Westview Press: Boulder CO 1992.
This is a serious anthropological book on DIsney (not a cute or precious
add-on to a standard treatment of the usual topics). It is approximately
500 pages in length and has at least one full chapter devoted to the
analysis of "Distory: Disney History at the Magic Kingdom," as well as a
great deal on the political and economic story of WDW in Orlando. The final
chapter "Conclusion: Theses on Disney" (Mickey, meet Ludwig" is a look at
some complex postmodern theoretical takes on simulacra and consumption theory
for the symbolically interested. Check it out.
Jim Ito-Adler
Dept of Sociology/Anthropology