Bahuguna's Fast and Urgent Appeal

T. V. Sethuraman (sethu@PLATO.HSS.IITB.ERNET.IN)
Sun, 25 Jun 1995 10:04:39 +30000


Noted environmentalist, Gandhian, and leader of the Chipko
movement, Mr. Sunderlal Bahuguna, who has been on a fast for the
last 48 days is critically ill.

He has been demanding a complete independent review of the
Tehri dam project in the Himalayan region of Uttar Pradesh, India.
The dam (which will one of the highest in the world) will perhaps
be the most hazardous in the world as it is sitting on a seismic
fault of considerable proportions. The government has not responded
with any concrete steps to review the project in spite of Bahuguna's

Please send an urgent Fax message to the Prime Minister,
Mr. P.V.Narasimha Rao at 91-11-301-6857 or 301-9817 urging him to
take immediate action and save the life of the veteran environmentalist.

Please also forward this message to other relevant activists/
groups. If possible, also send a copy of the message to your
respective Indian embassies/consulates/missions.

Thank you.

On behalf of the Development Alternatives Network (DAN), Bombay.