Highways, rural communities, SIA, and anthropology

John Stone (stone@LUNA.CAS.USF.EDU)
Wed, 21 Jun 1995 11:53:16 -0400

A colleague of ours practices anthropology at a private transportation
planning firm in Clearwater, Florida. His responsibilities include, among
other things, coordinating public participation programs and conducting
SIA studies for proposed highway projects. He is currently conducting
such a study in Florida, and he is seeking input from other practicing
anthropologists who have experience with or knowledge of such projects.
Unfortunately, the firm for which he works does not yet have an internet
connection and thus he is unable to directly access ANTHRO-L. He has
asked that I send the follwing missive to elicit your responses:

I am conducting an SIA of a highway project proposed to be built
through a small rural community and need to find case studies
(including the "grey" leterature) of SIAs conducted for similar
transportation projects (or for transportation projects in general).
Written SIA reports would be most beneficial, though less formal
information and verbal communication would be helpful also.
Please call or write to:

Jeffrey Schlotter
13577 Feather Sound Drive, #600
Clearwater, FL 34622
(813)-571-3371 (FAX)

You may also feel free to e-mail me (John Stone) directly; I will be
happy to forward your correspondence to Jeff: stone@luna.cas.usf.edu.

Thank you for your assistance.

John V. Stone
Doctoral Program in Applied Anthropology
University of South Florida, Tampa