best books

Professor Robert Thornton (031RTHOR@MUSE.ARTS.WITS.AC.ZA)
Wed, 21 Jun 1995 06:07:16 -0400

Kathi Kitner-Salazar has repeated her request for a list of best
books, and I must admit to being interested as well. What are the
best books we have read in the last 5 years? For my money, here are
a couple

Andrew Apter, Black Critics and Kings: the hermeneutics of power in a
Yoruba kingdom (approximate title -- I have loaned it to a
student!). U of Chiacago PRess. c. 1993.

Alfred Gell. The Anthropology of Time: Cultural construction of
Temporal Maps and Images. Oxford: Berg. 1992.

Although it is a few years older, and difficult to come to grips
with, one of the most worthwhile books I have ever read is

Marilyn Strathern. Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and
Society. Cambridge, 1988.

I think it would be very useful if others contributed their own 'best
books' list. I would love to see what others are reading. I can
rarely afford books published outside of South Africa, so I like to
buy only those I really want to read and re-read.

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