Kathi Kitner-Salazar (KITNER@LAW.UFL.EDU)
Tue, 20 Jun 1995 13:17:29 EST

Hello All,

I've notice the list is a little slow nowadays. Must be that
everyone is out doing fieldwork, etc. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck
at my deskjob during the day and trying to pound out profundities in
my diss at nite.

Two things:

1) A while ago I posted a request: I noted I had been in the field
a very long time, and felt out of touch with the major new works in
the field (yep, all four of them!). And a colleague of our from
Venezuela expressed the same sentiment. I wrote to ask for
suggestions for a reading list that would include books or other
works brought out in the last five years that people thought were
unforgettable. Well, responses were, shall I say, wanting. About 5
people wrote back with title, yet quite a few said that they would
like a copy of the list when I pulled it together.

SO. This is another call to all of you still out there
somewhere...What was the best anthro-related book or journal article
you have read in the past 5 years or so? Please send the citation if
you can.

2) I work in the Office of Student Services at the U of FL School of
Law. As in many offices and companies across the country, the school
is interested in developing a more culturally diverse outlook of life
among students (and faculty?). I have been asked to do the
groundwork research and perhaps outline a program of how this could
be accomplished.
One attempt was already made by 2 grad students in clinical
psych. But their program flopped when tested on students, and I must
admit I found it very superficial and just as full of prejudices as
the students it was being taught to.
I realize that the literature on multiculturalism is large and
growing. But I can do library searches. But I would like to
converse with people who have worked with this material, or are
incorporating their anthropological knowledge into existing or soon-
to-exist programs or courses. Any insights, suggestions, criticisms
etc. will be appreciated immensely.

Please note: I am not trying to get anyone to do my work for me! I
can easily go get books from the library and read them. I am
looking for anthropological experience and insight...if
anthropologists can't deal with this phenomenon of multiculturalism,
then who can?

Thanks for your patience. Hope you all are having a wonderful summer.