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Reply-To: Ralph C Johnson -- Society for American Archaeology
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TO: Concerned Colleagues

FROM: Society for American Archaeology
Bill Lipe, President
Judy Bense, Chair, Government Affairs Committee
Ralph Johnson, Executive Director
Donald Craib, Manager, Government Affairs and Counsel

RE: Threatened Elimination of Advisory Council Funding

DATE: June 15, 1995

Your help is urgently needed to support funding and continued
existence for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
(ACHP). We have learned that the House Appropriations
Committee's Subcommittee on Interior will consider a bill
Tuesday morning that zeroes out funding for ACHP, effectively
putting the council out of business.

The hearing is scheduled for 9 AM on Tuesday morning, June 20. It
is critical that members of the subcommittee hear from
constituents TODAY. Here's what you can do:

- if you reside in the state of a member of the committee, phone
or fax the member's office immediately (even if you're not in his=20
or her district)=C4contacts from constituents carry the most
weight, so circulate this request to your colleagues too

- if you don't reside in a member's district, please work your
contact list and forward this information to colleagues in
members' districts

Your message should be brief and to the point. Encourage the
subcommittee to maintain funding for the advisory council because
it plays a vital and unduplicated role in the national historic
preservation system. Please act now; time is of the essence.=20
Here are the telephone and fax numbers for members of the

Member Telephone Fax
=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D =
Ralph Regula (R-OH) 202/225-3876 202/225-3059
Joseph McDade (R-PA) 202/225-3731 202/225-9594
Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) 202/225-2542 202/225-0378
Joe Skeen (R-NM) 202/225-2365 202/225-9599
Barbara Vucanovich (R-NV) 202/225-6155 202/225-2319
Charles Taylor (R-NC) 202/225-6401 *
George Nethercutt (R-WA) 202/225-2006 202/225-3392
Jim Bunn (R-OR) 202/225-5711 202/225-2994
Sidney Yates (D-IL) 202/225-2111 202/225-3493
Norm Dicks (D-WA) 202/225-5916 202/226-1176
Tom Bevill (D-AL) 202/225-4876 202/225-1604
David Skaggs (D-CO) 202/225-2161 202/225-9127

* will release fax number only to constituents upon request

Society for American Archaeology
900 Second Street NE #12
Washington DC 20002

Telephone 202/789-8200
Fax 202/789-0284