Sat, 17 Jun 1995 16:40:14 -0400

I am a senior at NCSU currently enrolled in an anthropologist class in
summer school. One of our assignments is to ask questions related to
anthropology via the internet(e-mail). I know many students have
probably already written and have not received a reply because it sounds
like we are trying to find and easy way out for finding information.
This is a real assignment. If anyone interested please reply ASAP to the
following questions:

1.What is the difference between applied anthropology and basic anthropology?
2.How and why did you become an anthropologist?
3.What are the principal issues that confront the disipline today?
4.Where have you done your fieldwork and what did you do there?
5.What are the principal ehtical issuses in fieldwork today?
6.What are the most important things the Internet helps you to do?

Thanking anyine in advance'

Karen Odom