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I am writing to you on behalf of the editorial board of the
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scholarship on women's studies, Third World development,
democratization, environmental issues, and much more as they
relate to Asia.

Regular issues are roughly seventy-two pages in length and
consist of some four or five illustrated articles, plus
illustrated review essays, and reports on critical issues of the
day. On occasion, we also publish interviews, photo essays,
bibliographies, and translations of literary and other scholarly
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Table of Contents of the Current Issue

Vol. 26, No. 4 (October -- December 1994).

Watanabe Kazuko---Militarism, Colonialism, and the Trafficking of
Women: "Comfort Women" Forced into Sexual Labor for Japanese
[This article can be accessed at our gopher site]

E. Patricia Tsurumi---Yet to Be Heard: The Voices of Meiji
Factory Women

Leela Fernandes---Contesting Class: Gender, Community, and the
Politics of Labor in a Calcutta Jute Mill

Zhang Yingjin---Rethinking Cross-Cultural Analysis: The Questions

of Authority, Power, and Difference in Western Studies of Chinese

Ronald R. Janssen---(review essay) "Subversive Moments: Recent
Studies of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature;" The
Limits of Realism: Chinese Fiction in the Revolutionary Period,
by Marston Anderson; Modern Chinese Women Writers: Critical
Appraisals, ed. Michael S. Duke; Reading the Modern Chinese Short
Story, ed. Theodore Huters; Women and Chinese Modernity: The
Politics of Reading between West and East, by Rey Chow; and
Worlds Apart: Recent Chinese Writing and Its Audiences, ed.
Howard Goldblatt

Richard H. Minear---"An Underwater National Park at Bikini, or
How I Learned to Scuba Dive and Stop Worrying about the Atomic
Bomb"; Review of "The Archeology of the Atomic Bomb: A Submerged
Cultural Resources Assessment of the Sunken Fleet of Operation
Crossroads at Bikini and Kwajalein Atoll Lagoons," by James P.
Delgado, Daniel S. Lenihan, and Larry E. Murphy

Notes from the Field: The Bretton Woods Institutions

Robert Perkinson---Fifty Years of Enriching the Few
Catherine B. Wrenn---The World Bank and the IMF: Loans for What?
John Gershman and Michelle Edrada---Debacles of Development: The

World Bank in Asia
Lisa A. McGowan---Bridging the Gender Gap
Vandana Shiva---After Fifty Years, Is the World Bank Socially and

Environmentally Responsible?
Kavaljit Singh---Ravaging India's Bihar Plateau
Lori Udall---The Arun III Dam: A Test Case in Bank Accountability
Patrick McCully---The Deadly Kedung Ombo Resettlement Fiasco
Resolution on Narmada and the World Bank