info request - language in Canada

Thomas Bird (tabird@UNITY.NCSU.EDU)
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 17:14:53 -0400

Hello to all!

I am a student at North Carolina State University and I am taking a class
in Linguistic Anthropology. Our research project (due June 23) for the
course is to find out about the effects of social, cultural, political,
geographical, and other factors on language change (and vice versa) in a
particular country. I know it is a rather broad area of study, but I
chose Canada because it presents many interesting possibilities -- the
Quebecois independence movement and the reaction of other Canadians to
it; the increasing movement for more cultural as well as political autonomy
among native peoples, and their struggle to preserve their languages;
the effect of bilingualism on the national character, etc. I hope
somebody out there (especially Canadians) might have some information on
these and/or other subjects pertaining to language in Canada. It
doesn't matter if it is only a small amount or just an opinion, I
would still appreciate it! Please label it "Canada" on the
subject line so I know what it is.

Thanks y'all!