New Anthropology Mailing List

Gil Hardwick (gil@LANDMARK.IINET.NET.AU)
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 19:46:00 -0400

I'd like to announce the new mailing list Anthropology@iiNet, now
available via with the command:

SUBSCRIBE anthropology

The list is intended to be highly field oriented for the benefit of
experienced cultural anthropologists, and would primarily interest
those of us here in Australia familiar with the works of the older
generation of Elkin, Stanner, Mountford, Strehlow, Thompson, Kaberry,
Meggitt and the Berndts, and the newer generation in Peterson, Hiatt,
Anderson, Beckitt, Munn, Reay, Gale, Myers, Bell, Williams and many
others, and our colleagues in other countries familiar with their own
respective operae magnanima.

Those with an interest in the wider theoretical works of Durkheim,
Marx, Van Gennep, Bateson, Goffman, Eliade, Victor Turner, Bourdieu,
Foucault, and many others of that ilk would also find the list of

I have taken these names quickly from my own shelves behind me here,
and if I have left anybody out, forgive me.

Proponents of feminist theory, development studies, and in particular
women's studies, anyone in fact wanting to find relief from the Angry
White Male/Evolutionist/Industrialist school of anthropology so as to
concentrate their energies on pressing issues elsewhere in the world,
will find themselves very welcome indeed.

An info sheet outlining the format and rules will be e-mailed out to
each new member automatically as their subscription is accepted, but
beyond that I leave it up to you.