Anthropology assignment

Elona Tombrello Huang (ethuang@EOS.NCSU.EDU)
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 13:26:41 -0400


I am a student at North Carolina State University and taking a summer school
course in cultural anthropology. My assignment is to ask three anthropologists
via the Internet the following six questions. I would certainly appreciate it
if anyone would take the time to take this interview . Also it would be nice
to make contact with some anthropologists.

What is the difference between applied anthropology and basic

How and why did you become an anthropologist?

Where have you done fieldwork and what did you do there?

What are the principle issues that confront the discipline today?

What are the principle ethic issues in fieldwork today?

What are the most important things the Internet helps you to do?

About myself: I have a degree in microbiology and have returned to the
university to complete a second bachelor's degree in chemistry. I have taken
courses in geology and paleontology and would like to work and study in the
area of biogeochemistry and marine science. I also enjoy flying small aircraft
and plan to complete my private pilot training in the future.

Thanks for any help!

Elona Tombrello Huang

Elona T. Huang