Should I become an anthropologist

Mon, 27 Jun 1994 17:59:06 EST

I don't find Bob Grabner's comments at all offensive; like Read says . . .
they are right on with the current situation.

But . . . I do think that many are simply missing the point altogether . . .
the problem is not discouraging people from training for a profession that
students want, or that is seriously needed . . . the problem is sheer
economics, and Bob should know that.

The point is, instead of discouraging people (who might just make a major
contribution in their chosen profession), it is a moral and ethical
responsibility of every employed professional anthropologist (academic or
applied . . . or out of it altogether and into making money) to make
every conceivable effort to expand opportunities for others in the

It isn't that I think Bob is wrong, just that I think the priorities are

John O'Brien