Warfare: Origins

Mon, 27 Jun 1994 15:50:14 EDT

Given the recent discussion of the violence in Rwanda and Scott Holmes recent
post regarding the origins of warfare, I thought I might post a few possible
"light" reading selections on the topic. I would also like to add that I feel
looking at pastoralists as the creators of warfare may be more than a bit erron
eous and is not supported by the ethnographic or archaeological record: Yanomam
o, Maya, Aztec, Mississippian, Inca, etc. to name just a few people who had war
as part of their culture without pastoralism.

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This should give anyone interested in the topic or suffering from insomnia some
material to start with for now. I strongly suggest not ignoring some of the ol
der selections on this list. It is truly amazing some of the insights (and the
blunders are often understandable for the times) these earlier works made in th
e field. If folks are interested in further discussion of warfare I'd be happy
to contribute some thoughts on the topic.