Re: electronic publishing

Tue, 14 Jun 1994 22:31:12 EST

Someone just said people will ALWAYS value printed publications in Science
and so forth over electronic publication . . .

Might be, and the world might be flat, the sun might revolve around the earth,
we might still value oral folk tales over the printed story or history et al.

Both electronic and printed will co-exist for some time, and as more and
more people in the academy begin to use the new technologies . . . the role
of both printed and electronic publications will become adamantly clear.

My expectation is that electronic publication will never replace, but will
greatly supplement and achieve a unique high status over, traditional
printed sources . . . and in the immediate future to boot - unless someone,
something, or someones effectively take control of internet communications
and internet publishing.

We are already seeing the phenomenon of alternative scholarship being
produced outside of the academy . . . printed works that speak against
the prevailing wisdom of the status quo (e.g. The Deindustrialization of
America). Those publications are having a massive effect; and, I see no
reason why electronic publication shouldn't have the same effect.

John O'Brien