Tue, 14 Jun 1994 16:30:37 -0600

Hi all. Just wanted to add my two cents. I recently put our a call for
someone to rewiew a paper that we had for the High Plains Society for
Applied Anthropology journal. I went to ANTHAP first and then was going to
send to Anthro-L. I had several responses within a few hours. I put what
area I was looking for, in this case it was medical anthropology, how long
it was, put the time frame in in which we needed it back etc. This was
about two weeks ago and the paper has been reviewed and is on the way back
to the editor.

The only drawback was that I did not have it in a document to send
electronically to the reviewer. It came as PC. I'm on a MAC and I was
afraid I might loose some of the text in translation. But Fed Ex worked

The was a very quick way to find who is available and has the time to do a
review. It works out wonderfully. I was able to find someone right away
and also someone who was not from our area or organization. Kind of fresh
new outlook.

I agree with Hugh. I also agree that more people should realize the
advantages of the net.

Whoops. Time to go home. Hitting high 90's here today. HOT HOT HOT.