E-Publish, or Die!

Sat, 11 Jun 1994 01:33:36 -0400

>O'Brien writes:
>"e: Bonnie's suggestion that we rebel and take control of the publishing
>sector again . . . the new e-mail journals like the one being started
>by Hugh Jarvis are an obvious way to do so . . . as a start."
>I don't want to be a wet blanket, but review committees in universities have
>a way of doing things such as saying: "But those were not published in
>PRESTIGIOUS journals and so don't count very much."
>D. Read

Precisely, D. Read, which is why the antiquated notion that, as far as
journals go, ELECTRONIC = NOT PRESTIGIOUS must be counteracted, by
spreading the contrary meme, that electronic journals are BETTER than their
hard copy counterparts...

As I see it, when your papers (and other creations) are on the Net, they
are spreading (virally, if you will) a lot quicker than when they sit in
some bound journal on a library shelf gathering dust...

Just because some people are not net literate, does not mean they should
refuse to acknowledge the value of net publishing.

Seize the means of information! You have nothing to lose but your
intellectual property! ;-)

(For all thos interested, re:WIRED here at UF is launching a WWW hypermedia
journal, called Diagesis, which will be 'distributed' by links rather than

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